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tortilla bread production line​

tortilla bread production line

Tortilla Production Line

Choose Your Model Choose from our tortilla lines producing between 2000-10000 ! And don’t forget that we can produce tortilla production lines with different width and capacity according to your needs.!

The lavash ( tortilla) bread line is designed to cover all aspects of the production process of this bread. The line cuts the bread to the required size until cooling, in preparation for filling.
The whole production line is untouched by hands
All materials used are hygienic

SAMIK B130- Roller System 8.000 Per Hour Capacity

SAMIK B100- Roller System 4.000 Per Hour Capacity

SAMIK B80- Roller System 2500-3000 Per Hour Capacity

SAMIK B40– Roller Syste     1000-1500 Per Hour Capacity